Kamala Harris’ Polling Collapses In California

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Vice President Kamala Harris is having a tough time. After her approval ratings plummeted to a historic low of 28% last year, polls are now showing that her home state of California doesn’t even like her.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Harris’ approval rating in her state is struggling.

A poll commissioned by the LA Times and conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies revealed that only 38% of residents in California approve of her performance in the White House so far. Some 46% disapproved of her job performance.


Whatever way you look at it, it’s bad. It’s a drop compared to last year, and shows that even one of the most hard-left states in the country just can’t get on board with a vice president who doesn’t appear to do very much at all.

What, exactly, has Kamala Harris done since entering the White House? She visited a section of the United States-Mexico border that doesn’t see much action, and promised to solve the “root causes” of illegal migration from the south. And she so far hasn’t succeeded.

She also recently spoke at the Munich Security Conference where she told European leaders that war in Ukraine is a “big deal.”

Other than that…what?

The LA Times offered some answers on why they think Harris is performing so badly.

Mark Barabak, a columnist for the newspaper, said that the reason Harris is so unpopular in her home state is that California isn’t much like Montana.

“In Montana, they describe the state as one small town with a very long main street,” he said. “People know their politicians on a first-name basis, and if they’re not necessarily considered a friend, they at least have the familiarity of a neighbor.”

He argued that California is more of a collection of various states and that could be why Harris “faces such dismal approval ratings among her fellow Californians.”

He didn’t consider, however, the possibility that she’s just not very good at her job.