Kamala Harris’ Niece Responds To New COVID Diagnosis

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Meena Harris, the triple-vaccinated 37-year-old niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, recently announced that she has contracted COVID-19 – but attempted to rectify the situation by claiming that a friend of hers, who has not received the third shot of the vaccine, had symptoms that were 10x worse.


Tweeting on Tuesday night, Meena Harris said that she has the virus and that, based on what she knows and after testing several times over the last week, she believes she either infected her friend or she infected her.

“So far her symptoms are 10x worse than mine. I’m boosted. She’s not. Get the booster people,” she wrote.

This is so similar to far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren’s announcement. After telling Twitter that she had also contracted COVID, despite being triple vaccinated, she attempted to brush the situation off by arguing that the vaccines had given her some level of protection and that her symptoms would be worse had she not taken them.

Harris is the CEO of “Phenomenal” clothing, a brand that also includes a number of children’s books – the latest of which is her “Ambitious Girl” book that was released the day before her aunt Kamala Harris was inaugurated as the vice president.

Meena Harris has been accused by many of cashing in on her family name, which puts her in good company with First Son Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of President Joe Biden who has made lucrative foreign business deals arguably based on his father’s name and influence. Although, perhaps Meena Harris doesn’t have the same shady history with drugs and prostitutes that Hunter Biden does…

Harris’ announcement that she had caught COVID only days before Christmas means that, under existing rules, she would have been required to self-isolate over Christmas and stay isolated for around 10 days from the first day she experienced symptoms.

That takes us into the new year…so if we see news of Meena Harris at a new year’s eve party, we’ll be sure to update you all.