Kamala Harris Launches Talks With Mexico As She Puts Other Issues On Back Burner

(RoyalPatriot.com )- While the Biden administration faces Congressional hearings on the bungling Afghanistan withdrawal, Vice President Kamala Harris is doing her best to make sure their bungling doesn’t splash up on her.

Instead of standing by her boss, the floundering Vice President is turning her attention to participating in “high level” economic talks with Mexico.

Because if anyone knows about economics, it’s Kamala Harris. Okay, not really.

These talks are a reboot of an economic dialogue which was launched by then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2013. During his four years in office, President Trump suspended these talks. Instead, President Trump directed his focus on working in America’s national interests by renegotiating NAFTA while maintaining a tougher stance on illegal immigration.

But with Trump gone, the Obama/Biden era of appeasement has a chance to reassert itself.

Vice President Harris kicked off Thursday’s meeting by prattling on about how the Biden administration wants warmer relations with Mexico, whom Kamala called “our friends, our partners.”

Kamala cited the COVID panic, “climate change,” cyber threats, and supply chain disruptions as the reasons for improving relations between the two countries. Calling Mexico “our closest neighbor,” which will come as a surprise to our neighbor to the North, Kamala said Mexico is a “strategic partner and one of our most important economic relationships.”

Yes, but our economic relationship with Mexico pretty much consists of US manufacturing relocating there and taking their jobs with them, in order to avoid onerous taxes and regulations. While Mexican illegals send US cash back to their families in Mexico.

Nonetheless, Harris said that Mexico’s economic stability is in the interest of the US. But apparently the US’ economic stability isn’t in the interest of Kamala Harris or anyone else in the Biden administration.

Before this “high level” meeting, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that his advisors planned to push the Biden administration into offering temporary work visas for Central Americans. Apparently President AMLO thinks giving them visas would slow the flow of illegals across the border.

Sure, the notion is idiotic. But given how idiotic the Biden administration is, they will no doubt oblige him.