Kamala Harris’ Latest Staff Hire Just Backfired

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Uh oh. In a hurry to replace her rapidly disappearing staff, Vice President Kamala Harris appears to have accidentally hired someone who believes elections can be stolen.

That must be rough for someone who adamantly claims that elections can’t be stolen or influenced by misconduct and fraud…

Jammal Simmons, a recent hire for Harris’ communications department, previously worked for Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore back during the 2000 presidential race – and according to a report from conservative news outlet Breitbart, he believes that George W. Bush illegitimately won that election and that the victory should have been handed to Gore.

In a tweet from 2012, Simmons said:

“I worked for Gore 2000 & believe W’s 1st term to have been illegitimate. Yet when in the room w/ him I stood and gave him ofc respect.”


His mind didn’t change over the years, either. In another tweet in 2017, Simmons once again reminded his followers that he worked for Gore and “thought W was illegitimate.”

He even said the same thing in 2021, when Joe Biden first entered the White House.

The reason Simmons is so confident in his ability to make this kind of claim without any kind of backlash is that he’s a Democrat, and Republicans don’t attack people who express legitimate claims of election misconduct. Remember – Hillary Clinton’s claims of election interference were of course proven baseless after the FBI’s years-long investigation into the Trump campaign discovered no evidence of collusion between team Trump and Russia.

In his 2021 tweet, Simmons tried to claim that his accusations about the 2000 election are different to claims that Biden stole the election through a combination of misconduct and fraud.

“Trump was an anti-Democratic huckster grifting the country while unleashing our demons,” he wrongly claimed. He then said Biden was the “Democratic version of McCain – a good man I disagreed with.”

Wow. A lot to unpack there.

First, Trump never opposed democracy – he literally won an election. Secondly, if Simmons doesn’t support Joe Biden, then what is he doing working in the Biden administration?

And why is Kamala Harris hiring someone who thinks elections can be stolen?

Nothing this administration does makes sense.