Kamala Harris’ Husband Victim Of A Bomb Threat, Arrest Made

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A girl, age 17, was taken into custody after she was accused of making a bomb threat to a high school in Washington, District of Columbia, earlier this year. The incident occurred when Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, was visiting.

The arrest was made on Wednesday by the District of Columbia Police Department; the incident occurred at Dunbar High School on the northwest side of the city.

On February 8, Emhoff attended a celebration at Dunbar High School held in honor of Black History Month. He was in attendance at a presentation when Secret Service pulled him out of the facility at about 2:20 p.m. ET.

The bomb threat came exactly one week after more than a dozen historically Black schools and institutions received bomb threats on Black History Month’s inaugural day, Feb. 1.

After spending only five minutes inside the school, Emhoff was contacted by a member of his security detail who informed him, “We have to go.” The nation’s second gentleman was escorted out of the building and into a waiting motorcade.

Everyone at Dunbar, including kids and teachers, was ordered to evacuate the building. An audio message urging people to leave the premises was broadcast.

Katie Peters, who was serving as acting chief of staff and communications director for Emhoff at the time, sent out a tweet–

“U.S. Secret Service was made aware of a security threat at a school where the @SecondGentleman met with students and faculty. Mr. Emhoff is safe, and the school has been evacuated. We are grateful to Secret Service and D.C. Police for their work.”

Following the safe evacuation of everyone, canine units from the DC Police searched the High School for any explosive devices. No explosives were discovered. Eventually, people were allowed to go back inside the school, but students were dismissed for the day.

The teen accused of the crime is still a minor, and the police have not made her identity public.

As of Wednesday, the authorities stated that the investigation is still ongoing.