Kamala Harris’ Husband Forced To Talk To Her Through Staff Only

(RoyalPatriot.com )- When President Joe Biden made a huge stink out of his refusal to hire people from his own family in his administration, he probably didn’t mean that his vice-presidential pick should block her own husband from being able to call or text her. But that’s apparently what Vice President Kamala Harris has done.

Doug Emhoff, the “Second Gentleman” of the United States and the husband of Vice President Harris, reportedly can’t even call or text his wife during the day. Instead, Emhoff has to communicate with Harris through their staff, and is walked by security guards across the road to the White House from his office on the rare occasion that his wife allows him to visit her at work.

There’s a slightly darker side to this story, too. The reason why Kamala Harris may not want to communicate with her husband via text is that under the Presidential Records Act, all written communications on government-issued phones must be recorded and archived. Under the Biden administration, only certain staffers can send texts, and software automatically archives the texts sent by staffers who have been given that capability.

So while the media pushes unsubstantiated stories about former President Donald Trump tearing up and flushing documents down the toilet – which there is absolutely no evidence for – we have the Vice President of the United States scared about what might be archived in the event her husband texts her.

Are they hiding something?

The news comes from a McClatchy report on the strained relationship between Harris and her husband. The report cites people close to the couple who say that Emhoff is struggling to adapt to his new life.