Kamala Harris Goes Maskless While Visiting Masked School Children

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Social media erupted after photos and videos from Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent visit to a Washington DC school revealed a maskless Kamala surrounded by masked school children.

On Monday, Harris visited Thomas Elementary School in northeast DC to announce the Biden administration’s plan to “upgrade” public schools with Green facilities and transportation. After briefly interacting with the masked school children, the maskless Veep delivered a speech while a group of masked children stood behind her.

For people obsessed with optics, Democrats really stink at them.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz quote-tweeted a video of the event, adding “Kamala Harris: Rules for thee but not for me.”

Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs told the UK Daily Mail that seeing Kamala “flaunting around the stage” with fully-masked children around her was “abhorrent.”

Admittedly, Kamala isn’t the first Democrat to get captured on camera going maskless around masked children.

In an incident two months ago, Democrat loser Stacey Abrams got so much grief for posting a picture of her maskless self posing with masked elementary school students that she deleted the tweet.

The COVID rules have never applied to Democrat politicians.

Whether it’s Nancy Pelosi going maskless while getting her hair done in a salon that wasn’t supposed to be open or Gavin Newsom dining maskless at the French Laundry, the rules they demand we follow have never applied to them.

And because these people are completely lacking in self-awareness, it doesn’t occur to them that their indifference to the rules they demand we obey just might make us a little angry.

Fox’s “Outnumbered” did a segment on Maskless Kamala’s school visit.

Watch it HERE.