Kamala Harris Forces Journalists Out During Unexplained Trip

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Friday afternoon, Vice President Kamala Harris took off from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for an unannounced, mysterious trip to Palm Springs International Airport.


Who knows?

Neither the Vice President’s office nor the White House gave a single reason for Kamala’s mystery trip. In fact, the press corps was prevented from even observing her departure from Andrews.

Harris’ official schedule showed no public or private events in Palm Springs. So what the heck was she doing there?

Whatever it was, it didn’t take long. Kamala was back in DC by Saturday. And, big surprise, her return trip was also kept under wraps.

As a side note, how long does it take to get Botox injections?

When Kamala arrived in Palm Springs Friday, the mayor, Christy Gilbert Holstege, did tweet out a greeting to the VP. But even so, local Democrats said they were taken by surprise by the news that Kamala was coming to town.

Kamala arrived at the Palm Springs airport where a heavy police presence escorted her motorcade downtown.

Where downtown?

None of your bee’s wax!

Appropos of nothing, but there happen to be six plastic surgeons’ offices in downtown Palm Springs.

Also, for the record, Palm Springs is nowhere along the southern border.

It is rather odd that Harris would take a mysterious, taxpayer-funded overnight trip anywhere. But why go to Palm Springs clear on the other side of the country and not even let your press corps see you off at the airport?

Vice President Harris’ press office refused to offer any explanation.


While Kamala was jetting off on her mystery flight, President Biden was up on Capitol Hill making one last, desperate attempt to salvage his “Build Back Better” agenda and bring his fractured party together.

Shouldn’t Kamala have a part to play in that? She was a Senator after all. Couldn’t Joe use her to whip up votes in the Senate and bring Sinema and Manchin into line?

What was so important in Palm Springs (*cough* Botox) that Kamala would leave Joe twisting in the wind all by himself?