Kamala Harris’ Ex Staffer Runs To Press, Embarrasses The VP

(RoyalPatriot.com )- MSNBC’s latest hire, former VEEP chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders started her new job by criticizing her MSNBC colleague’s new book about Joe Biden.

During an appearance on “The Rachel Maddow Show” last Wednesday, Sanders took issue with the book “Lucky,” NBC reporter Jonathan Allen’s chronicle about Joe Biden’s path to the White House.

Maddow brought up a passage from Allen’s book concerning Biden saying in a Democrat debate in South Carolina that he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court. She asked Sanders if the account in Allen’s book is “broadly correct,” and if any of Biden’s advisors had cautioned him against making that pledge.

Allen writes in his book that Symone Sanders told Biden not to make that commitment during the South Carolina debate.

Sanders started her answer by first noting that “a number of those things” Allen wrote in the book “are not true,” but then confirmed there were concerns over Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman. She said a lot of Biden’s campaign team didn’t want him to make that campaign pledge because it would look as if he was trying to pander to black voters.

Beyond saying Allen’s book included things that weren’t true, Sanders didn’t go into specifics, nor did Rachel Maddow follow up on it.

Biden’s decision to paint himself into a corner and limit his possible nominees by sex and skin color wasn’t met with the cheers and huzzahs the White House thought it would.

In an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal last week, Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley warned that Biden’s decision to limit his choice to a black woman would, despite the nominee’s qualifications, saddle her with the “unfortunate implication” that she only got the nod because of her gender and race.

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll released over the weekend found that over three-quarters of respondents believe Biden should choose a Supreme Court nominee based on merit rather than skin color and gender. Only 23 percent of respondents want Biden to limit himself to black women.