Kamala Harris Does Damage Control on Good Morning America

(RoyalPatriot.com )- With her approval numbers cratering even more than Joe Biden’s and in the wake of CNN’s blistering report on the conflict and tension brewing at the White House, Kamala Harris went on Good Morning America on Thursday to try and do a little damage control.

And while she didn’t utterly embarrass herself like she usually does in interviews, she didn’t do much to stop the bleeding.

Host George Stephanopoulos alluding to the CNN report on the dysfunction in the White House noted that some of her close allies, including California’s Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, have expressed frustration over the lack of responsibility Harris has been given by the President.

Stephanopoulos asked Harris if she shares that frustration and what words do she have for her frustrated friends.

Rather than answer the question, Kamala started prattling on about what a good week it’s been because the President signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. She said that is a testament to all the hard work that went into it.

And she kept on prattling about the Infrastructure bill and all their hard work traveling around the country and meeting with Congress and asking people what they want in the bill and on and on and on. It was clear Kamala didn’t want to discuss that CNN article.

Rather than let Kamala off without addressing the actual question, Stephanopoulos pressed her a bit asking Harris, “So you don’t feel misused or underused?”

Her new crisis management team must be working with Kamala to get her to stop cackling. Because, rather than cackling like she usually does, Kamala only chuckled ever so slightly while answering “No, I don’t.”

Then she went off rambling about how excited she is about what they’ve accomplished, adding that she is “absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed” that there is much more work to get done.

The CNN report over the weekend described the tense environment in the White House between the Biden team and Team Kamala. According to sources, CNN reported that Harris, who is viewed as woefully unprepared, is being deliberately sidelined. The CNN report also alleges that Team Biden is searching for signs of disloyalty among staff.