Kamala Harris Claims Democrats Running From Texas Is Like Frederick Douglas

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Vice President Kamala Harris just came out in support of Texas Democrats who abandoned their duty and fleed the state Capitol to avoid taking part in a special session that would likely see Republican legislators pass new electoral reform legislation that will protect the state’s elections from fraud.

Why do Democrats hate election integrity so much?

The Democrats, who left the state on a private plane with a create of beers, purposely abandoned the state so that the special session could not go ahead. The move was so egregious that the Texas legislature voted to arrest every single one of those Democrats upon their return for abandoning their duty to represent the people of Texas.

Harris wrongly equated those Democrats with Frederick Douglass and the women’s suffrage movement. But unlike those two examples, this is about fulfilling the duty elected representatives have to work on behalf of their constituents, and their decision only benefits voter fraud. Not the people.

During an event on Tuesday, speaking to the AWOL Democrats, Harris said that she wanted to “set this moment in the context of history,” before going on to make the comparison.

These people really do think they’re saving the world, don’t they?

You can watch Harris making the unforgivable statement here.

She talked about how Frederick Douglass appealed to Congress in 1867 for the right of Black men to vote, and how women marched in Washington, D.C. in 1913 for the right to vote.

“And 20201, the Texas Legislature came to Washington, D.C.,” she continued.

Really? That’s what they think this is? A fight for freedom?

The fact is, the Texas legislature will eventually need to convene again, and Democrats will eventually need to vote on the election integrity bill – however, it seems as though Texas Democrats are hoping that Congress will pass federal legislation before then that will stop states from implementing their own rules to stop fraud.

Democrats just love election fraud.