Kamala Harris Becomes Joe Biden’s Road Warrior As She’s Sent Off Again

(RoyalPatriot.com )- After failing to address the “root causes” of the border crisis and then quickly moving on to something else, and then embarrassing herself during press conferences in Poland, the vice president now has a new job…

Make it look as though President Joe Biden is doing a good job of leading the country.

According to a report by The Hill, Vice President Harris is expected to travel more frequently over the next few weeks and months, with plans for her to promote the Biden administration’s agenda and convinced people that the president is actually doing something.

Harris will also be expected to describe the “successes” of the Biden administration in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to discuss the “positive” impact of Biden’s executive orders and infrastructure plans.

The vice president started the new project with a trip to Louisiana on Friday, where she embarrassed herself yet again by repeatedly repeating the phrase “significance of the passage of time.”

Take a look:

It’s almost as though she’s high…or somebody switched her to “repeat” mode.

Given just how badly the vice president performs during speeches, what was the president thinking when he tasked her to tour the country and give speeches that are designed to convince people the two of them are not incompetent?

This plan is already backfiring.