Kamala Gives Biden’s Campaign a Much-Needed Boost

According to a Newsweek survey, most of those polled favored having Vice President Kamala Harris serve as President Joe Biden’s campaign partner in the 2024 election.

However, surveys show that many Americans are worried about Biden’s advanced years in office. The Democrat candidate is 80, making him the oldest sitting president in American history. If re-elected, he would serve until he was 86.

A report shows Biden’s campaign for reelection is fraught with difficulty. Inflation over the previous two years has irritated voters. There is a lack of enthusiasm among young voters for the president, a shift to the right among non-white voters, a potential challenge from third-party candidates, and a possible advantage for the Republicans in the Electoral College. But Biden’s age is by far his most significant disadvantage.

Kamala Harris, the current vice president, has even poorer poll numbers than Joe Biden. According to a CBS News-YouGov survey from last week, 42% of Americans feel negatively about the Biden administration because of Harris’ work, while just 18% feel positively. 48% of independents felt worse, while 9% felt it was improving. Only 41% of Democrats said they had a more favorable impression of the administration with Harris. When asked how they felt about Harris staying Biden’s running mate, just 30% of Democrats responded with enthusiasm.

YouGov conducted a survey in May and found that 48% of Americans did not think Harris was ready to become president, while 32% did. Independents were the most negative, with 57 percent and 22 percent saying she wasn’t prepared.

Only 39.5% of voters are happy with Harris’s performance, according to FiveThirtyEight’s average of polls.

The NBC News survey from June was full of red flags for Biden and Harris, as Harris’ net-negative ratings sank to an all-time low.

The June survey found that 49% of 1,000 registered voters had an unfavorable opinion of Harris, with 39% having a very unfavorable impression of her. Harris’ net negative score, negative 17 %, was the lowest rating for a vice president in the poll’s history.