Kaleigh McEnany Reveals Entire Thing Was A Staged Coverup

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Remember Kayleigh McEnany? She was the most recent White House Press Secretary during the Trump administration, and a significantly more gifted orator and communicator than current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Not only was she a gifted communicator, but she also knew what she was talking about – and McEnany offered up some of her expertise on the shocking Hunter Biden scandal that was covered up by the media during the last presidential election.

Speaking to “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, McEnany blasted the press for refusing to even discuss the Hunter Biden scandal. She slammed journalists for ignoring a scoop by the New York Post, which revealed the contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden showing his shady business deals and drug use, claiming that the press would have been “all over them” if the video footage, emails, and photographs obtained related to the Trump family and not the Bidens.

Most recently, a photograph of Joe Biden attending a dinner in 2015 with an alleged business partner of his son from Kazakhstan, appeared. The photograph was a shocking revelation as President Joe Biden has insisted time and time again that his son’s business dealings were entirely separate from his own business deals, and that his son never benefitted from his position in the White House during the Obama administration.

McEnany asked, “where are the investigative journalists?” and said that the information “should have been out during the election.”

She also recalled the time that she asked journalists during a briefing last year to watch an interview between Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden. During the interview, Bobulinski revealed that Biden’s claims he didn’t have anything to do with his son’s businesses were a “blatant lie.”

You can see McEnany tear into the media on this issue here.

Despite the existence of the photograph, President Biden maintains his claim that he had no involvement with his son’s business dealings and still hasn’t commented on the revelations that his son made millions of dollars from overseas deals given to him to make “introductions” to people in power.