Kaitlan Collins To Get Her Own Show, CNN Plans

The cable news network of musical chairs continued this week. Chris Licht, CNN CEO, announced that Kaitlan Collins (31) will take over the coveted 9 p.m. primetime hour previously hosted by former CNN host Chris Cuomo. 

CNN higher-ups feel she will bring a fresh perspective to the nighttime lineup after the hostile dismissal of Don Lemon from the network.

Collins was a White House reporter during the Trump administration, and she often frustrated Trump in the reporter’s briefing room and on Twitter. She repeatedly accused him of making false statements and dodging questions. 

Her rapid rise through the ranks at CNN prompted her to be selected to host the New Hampshire Townhall with Trump last Wednesday, May 10. 

Trump received criticism for agreeing to appear at the CNN-sponsored town hall, and Collins and CNN also got a negative response from viewers to host the event. 

Liberal CNN viewer voiced their displeasure giving the front-running GOP candidate well in front of the second place Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida.

Collins and Trump have had their run-ins with each other, and the town hall in New Hampshire didn’t dampen the dislike of the two combatants. 

Trump and Collins spared with questions including classified documents, the January 6 demonstration, Ukraine, and China, and informed his social media followers on his “Truth First” platform of his plan to not attend the Republican Primaries.

Other questions between Trump and Collins centered on his recent criminal investigations in New York, his recent defamation trial with E. Jean Carrol, and his claims about a 2020 rigged election. 

He questioned the decision of the RNC to hold the 2024 GOP Primary debates at the Reagan Library. 

Some pundits feel Trump may be uncomfortable being on the same debate stage with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Trump claimed that CNN made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He said they are desperately trying to regain the ratings they enjoyed while he was president.