Justice Jackson Says “It’s A Wonderful Life” Movie Can Be White Supremacist

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The U.S. Supreme Court is listening to oral arguments in a case where a Colorado web designer refuses to create wedding websites for same-sex couples, according to The Gateway Pundit. While the conservative justices are arguing that the woman is protected by the First Amendment to exercise her beliefs, Kentanji Brown Jackson does not agree.

Jackson faced ire from conservatives during her congressional hearings when she could not answer the question, “what is a woman,” claiming that she is not a biologist. But Jackson is now reportedly a movie critic.

Using the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jackson argued her perspective. She said that she knows the movie well and that if she wanted to do “video depictions” and be “authentic” then “only white children and families can be customers for that particular product.”

She continued to say that she would be expressing something and protected by the First Amendment to refuse to sell the movie to those who are not white.

“I can say anti-discrimination laws can’t make me sell ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ packages to non-white individuals,” she said.


Lorie Smith, whose business is called 303 Creative, has not yet gone forward with creating wedding websites because she said that her beliefs go against Colorado’s public accommodations law. She is reportedly concerned that she will violate that law if she refuses to create websites for same-sex couples.

The state and LGBTQ activists are accusing Smith of seeking a license to discriminate in the marketplace, saying that the law covers someone’s behavior, not their speech.

Smith’s lawyer, Kristen Waggoner, was attacked by liberal justices on the bench who asked about a slew of hypotheticals if the case was ruled in her favor, asking what would come of those who wanted to discriminate on race or physical disability.

Some are criticizing Jackson’s comments or the hypotheticals as irrelevant because there is no respected or established religion based on the discrimination of one’s race.