Justice Alito Drug Into January 6th Fight

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Renowned Texas attorney Sidney Powell spoke out again recently about the certification of 2020’s presidential election “results,” and left-wing media outlets are going crazy at her suggestion that protests in Washington, D.C. on January 6 could have helped to stop the certification of results that she says were affected by misconduct and fraud.

During an interview on the Stew Peters Show, Powell suggested that January 6 protests could have caused a delay that would have given Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito the time he needed to stop the certification of Biden’s “victory” but that far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped that from happening.

Powell, who filed several lawsuits in defense of former President Donald Trump and election integrity, said that her team was working on issuing an emergency injunction to prevent the certification of the results when Pelosi reconvened Congress to complete the certification process.

The fact that Pelosi was able to so quickly reconvene Congress after the so-called terrorist attack speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Powell didn’t say that she supported the illegal entering of the United States Capitol Building by protestors, but she did say that as it was happening she was busy working on seeking the injunction. Specifically, she pointed to a planned 12th Amendment constitutional challenge to the process set to be used by Congress that day,

“Justice Alito was our circuit justice for that,” she told the show.

The plaintiff in the suit was Louie Gohmert, and Powell said that she was planning to sue the Vice President to follow the 12th Amendment rather than the Electoral College Act.

Powell also revealed how House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise opposed plans to make Speaker Pelosi an opposing in the suit.

She also revealed that as soon as Pelosi heard about the planned lawsuit, she hurriedly brought Congress back into session to certify the results just after the attack on the Capitol.

Pelosi really didn’t want the election results to be challenged on the basis of fraud – but would she have reacted the same way if there was evidence of fraud in an election where a Republican candidate allegedly won?