Judge’s Statement Slamming Donald Trump Leaked To The Public

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Before his appearance before the January 6 select committee last Thursday, retired US Appeals Judge J. Michael Luttig’s opening statement was obtained by CNN. In the leaked text, Luttig accused former President Donald Trump of concocting a “treacherous” and “well-developed” plot to “steal America’s democracy.”

Luttig was one of several “legal experts” who testified during Thursday’s hearing as part of the partisan select committee’s efforts to claim Trump pressured former Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the Electoral College votes of several states and instead send them back to the states for further consideration.

It was Luttig who advised Mike Pence against the Trump plan, urging him to certify the electoral college vote.

Before his testimony, Luttig’s opening statement was “leaked” to CNN which published it in its entirety.

And it’s as hyper-dramatic and over-the-top as you might expect from an “expert witness” called by a partisan committee. The entire thing reads like a penny dreadful, full of silly metaphors like “a stake was driven through the heart of American democracy” and “democracy today is on a knife’s edge.”

Luttig claimed that the 3-hour riot was tantamount to war, “but not against a foreign power.”

He claimed that this supposed “war on democracy” was “instigated” by Trump “and his political party allies.”

Luttig claimed that Trump knew he lost the election, but had a “well-developed plan” to overturn it “at any cost” as a way to “cling to power.” And Trump’s “treacherous plan” was “to steal America’s democracy.”

What a drama queen.

If CNN thought running a preview of Luttig’s melodramatic opening statement would interest in Thursday’s hearing, they were wrong.

Luttig as a star witness was a dull, boring disaster. He never looked up from his papers and spoke in a slow, halting manner that made it difficult for viewers to follow.

NBC News anchor Lester Holt broke in to announce that the network was ending its live coverage of Thursday’s dull hearing to broadcast the US Open.

Imagine how boring Luttig’s testimony must have been that televised golf would seem more riveting?