Judges Get Shot Outside A White Castle

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to a shocking video that has been uploaded on social media, two circuit court judges were shot and injured in a 2019 altercation at an Indiana White Castle restaurant.

After the shooter’s conviction last week, the video of May 1, 2019, incident was finally released.

Judges Brad Jacobs and Andrew Adams of the Clark County Circuit Court may be seen in the video arriving at the fast food restaurant’s parking lot at about 3:30 am on the relevant day. It was a judicial conference that the two judges were attending.

According to testimony in the gunman’s trial, Adams and Jacobs had been “drinking hard” all evening long at several pubs and were enjoying a nightcap at White Castle.

The two judges witnessed two males drive by in an SUV along with Crawford County Judge Sabrina Bell, who was in attendance at the same legal conference.

According to WRTV, one of the males said something that prompted Bell to “stretch her middle finger” at them. Bell admitted to the authorities that she might have said something to “egg on” the males.

One of the two males, 44-year-old Brandon Kaiser, was seated next to his nephew Alfredo Vazquez. The three judges were approached after they had parked their SUV, at which point a verbal argument started that eventually turned physical.

The four males can be seen fighting and throwing punches in the footage. At one point, Bell seemed to try to grab the workers inside White Castle’s attention.

The fight continues later in the video when someone pulls up in a silver pickup, takes a brief look around, and then speeds off. A man appeared to leave the store with his White Castle order while attempting to break up the altercation.

Kaiser ultimately produces a handgun and shoots Adams and Jacobs.

The two judges escaped the incident unharmed despite being treated in a hospital. Before the police could come, restaurant staff emerged and surrounded the victims as Kaiser and Vazquez sped off in their vehicles.

For his involvement in the shooting, Kaiser was found guilty of aggravated battery and other offenses.

He may serve up to 32 years in jail if convicted of the most severe charges, two counts of aggravated violence.

The Indiana Supreme Court censured the three judges, giving Jacobs and Bell 30-day bans and Adams a 60-day penalty. In self-defense, Kaiser claimed, he shot Adams and Jacobs to end the altercation.