Judge Delays Depositions In Georgia Elections

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A Georgia judge has postponed depositions from Fulton County, Georgia, election workers that could reveal how election fraud occurred in the controversy-riddled region.

It comes ahead of a planned forensic audit that was set to begin in George on June 28, but which was stopped by Georgia Chief Judge Brian Amero of Henry County who granted delays to hear motions filed by Fulton County in a lawsuit that alleges thousands of fake ballots could have been cast in the county.

The plaintiffs in the suit consented to the delay, which allows the depositions to go ahead but at a later date. Meanwhile, the judge is expected to hold a hearing to consider a motion to dismiss the case, which was filed in the Fulton County Superior Court.

Boy, they really don’t want the courts to hear the evidence, do they?

The motion to dismiss came in the form of a last-minute filing from lawyers representing the Georgia Board of Registration and Elections in Fulton County.

If it does ultimately go ahead, then it will be performed in a similar vein to the one currently taking place in Arizona. Auditors will examine roughly 147,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton County, checking to ensure that every ballot was cast by somebody eligible to vote and that no duplicated or fake ballots were wrongly counted.

The audit may also shine a light on why dramatic increases in Biden votes were seen late into the night in Fulton County, helping flip the election from leaning towards President Donald Trump to candidate Joe Biden.

Attorney Kurt Hilbert, who works for the Tea Party group responsible for the lawsuit, said that the local election board should have “nothing to hide.”

He added that the former president and the citizens of Georgia “have a right to know” precisely what happened that night, and how many ballots were both cast and counted.

What is perhaps the most surprising thing about this situation, however, is that Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger now supports the effort after initially slamming President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure election integrity immediately after the election was over.

We’ll report back if this audit does indeed go ahead.