Juan Williams Slams Trump Supporters In Disgusting Attack

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In his most recent “Trump and his voters are awful” op-ed at the Hill, Fox News contributor Juan Williams had nothing but praise for Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney and nothing but contempt for the rest of the Congressional Republicans.

It’s never a good sign for a Republican lawmaker to receive the slobbering praise of a die-hard Democrat. Of course, Liz Cheney is enjoying the heck out of it, which says a lot about what kind of Republican she is.

Williams actually believes that Pelosi appointing Cheney to her partisan January 6 select committee is “an extraordinary step to build bipartisan trust” in the partisan witch hunt.

At this point, it’s hard to decide who is more out of touch with reality, Juan Williams or Liz Cheney.

Pelosi didn’t choose Cheney as an act of bipartisanship. Only the most naïve pundit would believe that. She named Cheney as a screw you to both the Republican House caucus and to Republican voters.

Rather than acknowledge the contrived and partisan motivation behind Pelosi’s move, Williams bemoans the fact that Pelosi’s supposed gesture of bipartisanship will be meaningless among Republicans.

That’s because it is meaningless, Juan.

Calling Cheney a “hardline conservative” and “honest broker,” Williams claims that her “unassailable” credentials won’t matter to Republicans because she is seen as being “disloyal to Trump.”

Spoiler alert: that’s not why.

Cheney is not an “honest broker” and she certainly doesn’t have “unassailable” credentials as a conservative. If Juan Williams actually was conservative, maybe he would understand that.

As Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter put it in May, “The Big Lie is that Cheney is Still a Republican.”

Sucking up to the media and the Democrats does not make anyone an “unassailable” “hardline conservative” or an “honest broker.”

When your fan-base consists of anti-Republican reporters and pundits and the far-Left denizens of Twitter, you aren’t any kind of conservative, let alone a “hardline conservative.”

In truth, Williams penned this op-ed, not to praise Cheney, but to use Cheney as a bludgeon to attack Congressional Republicans who refuse to be cowed into silence by breathless lunatics like Juan Williams who screech about “Insurrection” and the “Big Lie.”

In his op-ed, Williams accuses Republicans of living inside the “Trump right-wing-media election conspiracy echo chamber.” But the only one here who is bleating from inside an echo chamber is Juan Williams.