Joy Reid Says She Hid On July 4th Because Of… Guns

MSNBC’s far-left racist host Joy Reid claimed this week that she refused to leave home on July 4 due to the risk of “mass shootings” at large public events, Mediaite reported.

In a segment on gun violence and “mass shootings” during Wednesday’s “The ReidOut,” the far-left host claimed that gun violence is as “quintessentially American” as fireworks on the Fourth of July.

She claimed that there have been 350 mass shootings so far in 2024 and cited a survey that found “around one in five Americans” claim that a family member was a victim of gun violence.

Reid admitted that she didn’t venture out on July 4 this year, explaining that attending a “mass gathering” like a fireworks display or a parade “seems insane to me.” She blamed her fear of leaving her house on America being “awash with guns” and claimed that the people who own them “seem to want to shoot people” and “use them for whatever, you know?”

Reid also attacked Florida’s stand-your-ground law, suggesting that nobody making deliveries to homes in Florida would be safe because “ringing a doorbell” in Florida “is deadly now.”

Forbes reported on Wednesday that there were fewer “mass shootings” on July 4 this year than in previous years.

A “mass shooting” is defined as an incident in which at least 4 people are injured or killed.

According to Forbes, there were over a dozen “mass shootings” nationwide between Friday, June 30 and Independence Day. But on the Fourth of July itself, the number of shootings was the lowest in years.

This year, there were six “mass shootings” on July 4 resulting in three deaths and 28 injuries, according to the Gun Violence Archive. That is the fewest number of “mass shootings” on July 4 since 2019 when two people were killed and another 14 injured in four “mass shootings,” Forbes reported.