Joy Reid Accuses Ron DeSantis Of Racial Threat

( )- Florida is a Second Amendment state. Governor Ron DeSantis cautioned potential looters to be careful; people are armed, lawfully.

On Wednesday, a category four hurricane, Ian, made landfall along the west coast of Florida. With maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, the storm’s eye violently arrived Wednesday in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Punta Gorda.

After a 9+ foot surge in Fort Myers, Governor DeSantis estimated the devastation equivalent to a 500-year flood.

Looting has been a major worry for people who live in places where Hurricane Ian has caused significant damage.

At a press conference in Fort Myers on Friday, DeSantis stated that Florida is law and order state, and this is a law and order community. He warned looters to refrain from thinking that they’ll exploit others who have experienced suffering.

DeSantis later advised against looting, saying, “Don’t even consider it.”

In Florida, DeSantis remarked, “I can assure you that you never know what might be hiding behind somebody’s home.” Because we are a Second Amendment state, I wouldn’t want to take a chance.

Joy Reid took offense to DeSantis’s remarks. She read a quote from 55 years ago.

“Shooting begins when looting begins.” This was a remark made by the segregationist Miami sheriff Walter E. Headley in 1967.”

The MSNBC host implied that DeSantis was a racist and a segregationist. She said, “It didn’t take DeSantis long to get back to his old self.”

But there is a big problem with Joy’s problem. Taking offense to the language is a tantamount admission that you believe looters are black.

Leftists had taken offense to the exact quote when Donald Trump on Twitter used it. They have even tried to use the tweet against him in civil trials.

Lawyers for plaintiffs have referred to Mr. Trump’s instructions to state leaders to “control your city and your state” to quell protests as a call to violence.

He once tweeted in response to a protest in Minneapolis that “shooting begins when looting begins,” and when demonstrators outside the White House broke the gate, they were “greeted with the most vicious dogs and the most sinister weapons.”

Is it a “call for violence” when you’re talking about the reaction to violence? It seems there would be no violence unless someone else got violent first.

That is called “keeping the peace,” not “creating violence.”

The left believes whatever they do should suffer no consequences.