Joy Behar Says Trump Supporters Don’t Want To Count Black Votes

(RoyalPatriot)- Would you be surprised if “The View” co-host Joy Behar was engaged in yet another scandal regarding racist comments about Republicans? No?

Well, prepare not to be surprised.

Behar said on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” that Republican supporters of President Donald Trump, who are made up of a huge number of non-white Americans, all have a “white supremacy mentality” that doesn’t want to count the votes of Black Americans.

Behar made the shocking claim, which smears millions of non-white Americans as white supremacists, without acknowledging the fact that President Donald Trump won more non-white support than any other Republican presidential candidate in modern history.

“This problem that we’re having in this country seems to be much larger than Jim Jordan or any of these people. There was a professor, Timothy Snyder, a professor of history from Yale yesterday, and he was talking about how Trump believes he won, and these other people believe he won because they only count white people,” she said. “They eliminate Black people from the rolls. They would like it to have only white people vote forever in this country. Then they can say they won.”

The truth is far from that.

In reality, President Donald Trump, his legal team, and his supporters say that he won the 2020 presidential election because of overwhelming evidence of widespread fraud and misconduct.

Data analyst Matt Braynard published a database of the addresses used in tens of thousands of fake and illegal ballots cast in the presidential election.

President Donald Trump, nor any member of his team, have ever suggested that only white votes should count. The president has actually said that only legal votes should count.

Which is the law.

Despite this, Behar continued her diatribe, assuming that Republicans and the president don’t like Black people.

“Unfortunately, Black people vote and are here to stay, unfortunately for them,” she said.

What will Joy Behar say when that huge amount of Republican support from Black people grows in future elections?