Joy Behar Claims Conservatives Hate Black Women

( )- Last week, Politico ran a piece based on twenty-two anonymous sources that chronicled the hostile work environment within Vice President Kamala Harris’ office. Sources spoke of the high turnover, low morale, distrust, and “porous lines of communication” among the Veep’s staff.

According to the writers, these twenty-two sources were current and former aides, administration officials and associates of both Harris and Biden.

But for some reason, Joy Behar, one of the shrews from “The View” found a way to attack conservatives over this hit-piece based on interviews with Democrats. According to Behar, this article will be used by the right to attack Kamala because she is a black woman.

Naturally, co-host Sunny Hostin believes that the reason these twenty-two Democrats talked with Politico is because Kamala is a woman of color. Sunny claims that things that are acceptable for male bosses are not acceptable women.

But Behar smells a rat. Griping that this is the second negative story about Kamala Harris who has only been on the job for six months, Behar believes this story “doesn’t pass the smell test for me.”

Two negative stories in six months.

Given how many negative stories were written about both Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the first six months of their term, Kamala should consider herself lucky.

Behar, donning her tinfoil hat, claimed that she found it interesting that this Politico story will now be used by the “right wing to attack the Biden Administration.”

In reality, the “right wing” seems far more interested in chuckling over the story and pointing out that Kamala Harris is so demonstrably bad at her job that even twenty-two Democrats were willing to complain about her to Politico.

Behar, like Hostin, believes the reason the “right wing” is targeting Harris (via a Politico story based reports from 22 Democrats) is because Kamala is a black woman.

Behar then makes the outlandish claim that this “right wing” doesn’t go after the white guy because “Joe Biden looks like the base on the right.” Joy thinks the “right wing” doesn’t attack Biden because “it’s hard to get mad at him because then they get mad at themselves.”

Clearly Joy Behar doesn’t notice how relentlessly the “right wing” hammers old, dementia-addled Joe. In reality, the “right wing” is an equal opportunity criticizer when it comes to this dysfunctional administration.