Journalist Gets Account Targeted For Investigating Big Tech

( )- It’s been pretty evident for a while now that Twitter is heavily biased against Republicans, but for a while, they kept up a veneer of fairness at least. Now, though, there is simply no denying it.

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a journalist who covers Critical Race Theory and far-left radicalism, recently received a blue-check “verification” badge on the social media platform…before quickly losing that verification again after he launched a new investigation into the prevalence of Critical Race Theory in Big Tech.

Rufo revealed on Twitter on September 8 that he had received an email alert about a “government-backed attack” against his email system, before quickly receiving an email from Twitter confirming that his Twitter account had been unverified.

A really strange coincidence…or is it?

Rufo said that he received the notifications just as he announced a new investigative report into Critical Race Theory in Big Tech.

“Strange timing, to say the least,” he said.

And to confirm he wasn’t lying, he also provided screenshots of the emails to prove it.

The tweets prove that Google told him that he was among the less than 0.1% of Google Account users who experienced a government-backed attack.

Google said that they cannot reveal what tipped them off to the attack as it will prompt hackers to take note and change their tactics, but recommended that he change his password as his credentials may have been compromised.

We now live in a world where Twitter will unverify you if you dare to criticize their obsession with racist politics, and where the government will hack your account if you stand up to their radical policies.

This isn’t just a shocking story that should be forgotten a week from now.

This is something President Joe Biden needs to address directly.