Josh Hawley Is Preparing To Wage War Against DOJ

( )- There has been a lot of talk already about what certain Republican members of Congress have planned if the GOP were able to take control of the House, Senate or both following November’s midterm elections.

This week, Senator Josh Hawley announced what he plans to do if his party were to take control of the upper chamber. He told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he’d strengthen the oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

In giving an interview to the DCNF, the Missouri senator said that he had many concerns not just about the FBI, but about Merrick Garland, the attorney general, too. Hawley said that he thinks one of the committees that he’s a member of, the Senate Judiciary Committee, should ramp up the oversight of the AG and the FBI if Republicans were to take control of the Senate.

In addition, he believes that another committee he’s a member of, the Homeland Security Committee, should start to push the Biden administration harder to secure the U.S. southern border and enforce all immigration laws stronger.

As he explained:

“We need to conduct real oversight of the Department of Justice. There has been no oversight of this DOJ, and that includes the FBI, which is obviously completely out of control. Just look at the recent raid of Mar-a-Lago. This is just the latest instance. This is an FBI that called parents domestic terrorists.”

The raid Hawley was referring to was obviously the FBI carrying out its warrant against former President Donald Trump, as they searched for classified documents at his Florida resort that he may have taken with him from the White House.

Hawley and many others have said they believe that the Biden administration has been weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to investigate the political opponents of President Joe Biden and his cronies.

Some other people who have been the target of the DOJ are parents who were protesting the teaching of Critical Race Theory and gender-related curriculum at their local school board meetings.

At the same time all this is happening, Hawley said he believes that the FBI didn’t adequately address securing concerns for some of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court following the high court’s decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

One of those conservative justices, Brett Kavanaugh, was the target of an assassination attempt.

In speaking with the DCNF, Hawley also said he thought that Garland needed to be impeached. He said that he was unfit to be the country’s attorney general, and is in fact one of the worst people who have ever served in the position.

He commented:

“[Garland] should have been gone a long time ago. Anybody who can, with a straight face, preside over a DOJ that is treating parents as domestic terrorists, is not fit for office … He has, I believe, actively misled Congress over and over again in his testimony before the Judiciary Committee and other committees on numerous occasions.”