Jordan Peterson Discusses Launching Alternative To World Economic Forum

( )- Dr. Jordan Peterson informed Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” that he would be assembling a group in London in October or November to compete with the World Economic Forum.

Peterson outlined his strategy for combating globalists, telling the podcast king that he is thinking of founding a populist alternative to the WEF in a lengthy interview that was released on Saturday.

This discussion group will cover six global philosophy and policy-related issues. Although this initial conference will only be open to invitees, Peterson said that if it is a success, he would want to extend it annually.

To provide an “alternative vision of the future,” an alternative to that type of “apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward” by groups like the WEF,  Peterson has some proposals that should be front and center and is largely ignored.

For instance, Peterson would like to discuss how to “provide energy and resources to the greatest number of people worldwide at the lowest cost, as quickly as feasible.”

Peterson said that a “pro-human vision” should be advanced as well as

advancing a “vision on the front of family policy to promote the development of and the maintenance of long-term, monogamous, child-centered families.”

He said a task of his forum would be to discover our “story,” specifically as it relates to “voluntary play” rather than “the spirit of power” ruling.

Peterson criticized the progressive elites for promoting measures that increase the cost of food and energy for the world’s poor and foreshadowing population limits.

Peterson said it’s pretty obvious that the globalist utopians are willing to sacrifice the poor for the sake of the planet, and they’re doing that by driving energy prices through the roof, which results in people dying. He said, “I’ve already felt that I’ve been at war for the last six months, and I would say it’s war because what I observed happening in Europe when I was there last was that… it’s pretty damn clear that the globalist utopians are willing to sacrifice the poor.”

Rogan also asked Petersonan to weigh in on the causes of the rise in transgender self-identification. In his explanation, Peterson connected the current trend to “the satanic ritual abuse allegations that surfaced in daycares in the 1980s” and said it is driven by “sociological contagion.”

His outspokenness led to a directive by the College of Psychologists of Ontario to complete “social media communications retraining” or face a hearing on the possible suspension of his clinical psychology license.

Peterson made it evident that he had no desire to comply with their request.