Jon Stewart Admits He Didn’t Used To Take Trump Seriously

( )- Jon Stewart has joined in, once again, with the smug complaining about former President Donald Trump and attempted to legitimize the false suggestions that Trump was a danger to the United States.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter for an interview that was published on Wednesday, he said that during Donald Trump’s campaign in 2015, he considered him to be some sort of comedic “gift from heaven,” joking that he was a “buffoon” and that he would ultimately be disqualified.

Stewart, who was promoting his terrible new show “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” which is set to air on Apple TV+ on September 30, then compared President Trump to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, saying they both seem “absurd.”

“What it did is made him the perfect vessel,” Stewart said. “You have to be shameless to do shameful things.”

It was a clear attempt to throw weight behind the left’s argument that Trump was dangerous, and that he should have been taken seriously as some kind of threat during the campaign.

What they don’t acknowledge, however, is that when candidate Donald Trump was being invited onto television shows and treated like a human being, it was a time in American politics when people could more easily admit what they believed.

Now, no late-night television show would ever allow Donald Trump to appear. No interview would be light-hearted and friendly.

But they’ll do it for Joe Biden, for Hillary Clinton, and even for disgraced former President Bill Clinton.

At what point do “comedians” like Jon Stewart stop and consider the possibility that maybe their inability to accept that people think differently to them is more dangerous than Donald Trump ever was?