John Kerry Slams Ukraine War For… Effect On Climate?

John Kerry, the president’s special envoy on climate change, said in an interview published on Monday that Ukraine’s conflict is increasing greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn exacerbates global warming.

According to reports, Kerry made the comments as President Joe Biden was visiting Windsor Castle for a ceremony honoring King Charles III and hosting a symposium on sustainable energy options.

While in England, Kerry told the media that several countries are now worsening the situation.

He went on to explain that bombings and other forms of infrastructure destruction result in massive emissions of gases like methane and other types of greenhouse gas. And as a result, it’s making the situation much worse.

Kerry said he was not exaggerating when he said that the struggle in Ukraine is one that we must wage. He said everyone cares deeply about the principles at stake. He noted that he wasn’t saying we should stay out of the war effort.

Kerry’s remarks were widely panned on social media.

Tom Elliott, the founder of Grabien, remarked incredulously that John Kerry claims that the conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating global warming. 

According to attorney Will Chamberlain, John Kerry is concerned about the discharge of greenhouse gases more than anything else happening in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, whereas he felt it was the loss of life that should be the primary concern.

Radio host Gerry Callahan tweeted that John Kerry has stated that the use of munitions in the conflict in Ukraine is making the climate catastrophe worse and causing damage to septic systems – just wait till he learns how many women and children have been killed.

Social media made it clear to John Kerry that his tone-deaf statements disregard people being killed while he wrings his hands over an unproven theory– that man is warming the planet.