John Kerry Says For Climate Change He Needs Even More Money

( )- According to reports, John Kerry, once a senator, Obama’s Secretary of State, and a failed Presidential candidate, is in Davos to talk about climate change.  He is the Biden Climate Czar, after all.

While in Davos, Kerry hit the mark and told everyone what he wanted.  Kerry says he wanted to reduce carbon emissions (based on loose science) but is that what he really wants?

Kerry spoke about what he wants most, and it’s not controlling the weather. It’s about money. Kerry tries to hide his desire for money behind a fake plan to protect the environment.

Reports show that the U.S. climate envoy said that even though philanthropies around the world have given almost $1 trillion to different causes over the last few years, only 2% of this money goes toward climate action.

During a panel discussion on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kerry said that between $7.5 billion and $12.5 billion of charitable giving around the world goes toward climate action. He called on philanthropists from all over the world to work together and do more to fight climate change.

Kerry asked how the world’s climate goals could be kept alive. He asked how they could get there and answered his question with, “money, money, money, money, money, money, money.”

That’s a rare moment of John Kerry telling the truth.

Now the secret is out. The WEF and the uber-rich are in it for the  money.

A funny thing happened, but not on the way to The World Economic Forum.  According to reports, the WEF said billionaire Elon Musk wasn’t on the guest list for the annual meeting of Davos business executives, world leaders, and cultural trend-setters.

But Musk suggested he was invited.

Musk tweeted on December 22 that he didn’t want to go to Davos because “it sounded boring. LOL”

The Associated Press asked Musk for a comment, but he didn’t respond.

Why should he bother?