John Kerry Is Seeking To Quit The White House

( )- Joe Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry is considering heading for the exits as a way to avoid having to defend his climate agenda before a Republican-controlled Congress, Axios reported last week.

Joe Biden tapped the former Obama Secretary of State to serve as his “climate envoy” in November 2020 to help promote the incoming administration’s “net zero” emissions targets abroad. Since Kerry’s role was that of an envoy and not a Cabinet-level appointment, he didn’t have to face a confirmation hearing in the Senate.

According to Axios, Kerry isn’t particularly eager to remain in the Biden administration since a Republican-led Congress would be more likely to call him in to answer questions about his ongoing climate negotiations with China and his cozy connection with the communist regime, not to mention his climate hypocrisy.

What’s more, Kerry wants to expand his already significant net worth, something he isn’t free to do while working in the administration.

Axios reported that Kerry is preparing to leave his position after the United Nations Climate Conference taking place in Egypt this month.

However, a spokesperson for the Climate Czar denied the report of his imminent departure, calling it “baseless speculation,” telling Axios that Kerry hasn’t any plans to leave. Instead, the spokesperson said, Kerry’s “sole focus” is on the Climate Conference.

Kerry has spent his brief time in the Biden administration jetting around the world hectoring nations and corporations to invest in green energy, cut carbon emissions, and stop expanding the use of fossil fuels.

Axios reported that Kerry has suggested to colleagues that he feels that he’s done all he can to promote climate change causes both at home and abroad.

Since Kerry’s appointment, Congress added an amendment to the FY2022 National Defense Authorization Act that requires all presidential envoys to go through the same Senate confirmation process as other presidential appointments. If Kerry does make tracks for the exit, whoever replaces him will have to face confirmation hearings in a likely Republican-led Senate.