John Fetterman’s Return Video Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Democrat John Fetterman of Pennsylvania posted a clip on Twitter after being hospitalized to dispel allegations that he had a clone, but the post backfired.

According to a report, Fetterman’s health has been failing since he ran for Senate. He had a stroke during the 2022 campaign that severely limited his ability to tour for his campaign.

Fetterman overcame this challenge and ultimately won the fiercely-fought seat. His health issues, however, were far from done. He was taken to Walter Reed in the middle of February after being diagnosed with severe depression.

On March 24, when he was ultimately freed, a picture of the event shared by his staff went viral for seeming to depict a person who looked a bit different than the actual senator, prompting many to speculate that he may have been using a body double.

Last Tuesday, Fetterman posted a silly video on Twitter in an attempt to dispel rumors that he was using a body double.

The report suggests that what Fetterman wants to accomplish with this video is clear. He’s attempting to poke fun at the body double allegations to make them appear silly, but the rumors’ very existence is the issue.

Even more so, Fetterman’s precarious condition has led many to speculate that he employs a body double to mask his true physical status. Furthermore, Fetterman’s mental instability is apparent throughout the clip.

According to a report, the Pennsylvania Senator presided over a disastrous first subcommittee hearing.

The title of the hearing that Fetterman presided over was “SNAP and Other Nutrition Assistance in the Farm Bill.”

The report reveals the Democrat senator could hardly make out his opening comments, which had been drafted for him by a staffer.  It became quite evident as Fetterman fumbled over his sentences that he was not fit to preside over any subcommittee hearing.