Joe Scarborough Has Complete Meltdown On Camera

( )- In what can only be described as an on-air meltdown, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough railed against the election audit currently underway in Maricopa County Arizona. Screeching angrily, Scarborough told anyone who doesn’t believe in American democracy to just leave the country, claiming that questioning the election makes you “unworthy.”

Scarborough’s unseemly performative stunt, like the rest of the near-hysterical opposition to the Arizona audit, is rather revealing.

If audits of elections are legally allowed, how does that threaten “Madisonian checks and balances?” Wouldn’t an audit be considered a check?

What’s more, if the 2020 election was completely above board and free of fraud, why the histrionics? No doubt if that is the case, the audit in Maricopa County will prove it.

For four years Democrats claimed the Donald Trump illegitimately won the Presidency in 2016. Among those who questioned Trump’s win was none other than Joe Scarborough and the rest of the MSNBC lineup.

Should Joe Scarborough pack his bags and leave the country? Should Rachel Maddow?

And what about Hillary Clinton?

Hillary told the ladies from The View in October 2019 that Trump “knows he’s an illegitimate President.”

She also shared this same sentiment in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning’s Jane Pauley a month earlier.

In fact, Hillary was still singing from that hymnal last summer when, during the 2020 election, she told the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah that Trump’s victory in 2016 was illegitimate.

Would Joe Scarborough demand Hillary Clinton pack her bags and leave the country? Does he believe she is “unworthy” of American democracy?

Of course not.

Scarborough’s unhinged screed is because he, like the rest of the corporate news media, is fully invested in perpetrating the narrative that any questions about the 2020 election are “The Big Lie.” The objective is to portray both Trump and his voters – along with Congressional Republicans of being “a threat” to “our democracy.”

This narrative, along with the claim that the January 6 melee at the Capitol amounted to an “insurrection” are both central to the Democrat Party’s 2022 Midterm election strategy.

Scarborough’s histrionic performance is simply him doing his part to campaign on behalf of the Democrat Party.