Joe Biden’s Polling Collapses As He Fails Time And Time Again

( )- President Joe Biden regularly maligned former President Donald Trump over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the polls are showing that he isn’t doing any better. A new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University just revealed that a majority of respondents don’t approve of Biden’s policies and his overall handling of the pandemic.

With the economy in the ground and mask mandates being reimplemented, it’s not hard to believe…

The poll showed that some 53% of people don’t approve of Biden’s handling of COVID-19. His numbers are down by 10 points from May of this year when a massive 65% reportedly said that they were happy with the job he was doing.

And that would make sense. At the time, the pandemic was winding down, the Delta variant was only causing major trouble in Europe, and the CDC was relaxing its recommendations on wearing masks. It seemed like things were coming to an end – but now, the Democrats are reintroducing mask mandates and other COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that people thought were left behind in 2020.

Things were even better just a few weeks ago. A poll by YouGov and CBS News revealed that 66% of people were happy with Biden’s handling of the pandemic, with 26% of people saying he was doing a “very good” job. Some 40% said that he was doing a “somewhat good” job.

The new numbers on Biden’s performance come as he slips in the polls generally. A survey by Quinnipiac showed that Biden’s approval rating has dropped from 49% in May to 46% in August.

Consider the fact that Trump supporters famously don’t respond to surveys, and the numbers could be even lower.

Turns out Biden isn’t the “most popular” president in American history after all…