Joe Biden To Begin Construction On Trump’s Wall

( )- What a novel concept!

With the immigration crisis only getting worse at America’s southern border, the Biden administration has decided it will resume construction on part of the border wall — one of former President Donald Trump’s signature projects.

In the Rio Grande Valley, the United States Army Corps of Engineers will soon re-start construction on a section of the wall that stretches 13.4 miles. Local politicians and residents have been pressuring the Biden administration to complete the construction of this portion of the wall to stop migrants from crossing the border at out-of-control rates.

Within six weeks, the Army Corps of Engineers will start priority repairs on that part of the wall. Then, they will establish a concrete levee wall that will be fit with safety barriers. That is set to take place in roughly six to nine months.

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security explained the repairs would “protect border communities from physical dangers” that were left by the border wall construction.

DHS said it would repair holes that were left in the structure of the flood barrier system in the Rio Grande Valley. This was originally done so the border wall could be constructed.

However, President Joe Biden immediately halted all construction of the border wall following his inauguration on January 20, which left the big holes in the flood barrier.

In a statement, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ deputy director of public affairs, Major Grace Geiger, said:

“In support of CBP’s border infrastructure program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has resumed DHS-funded design and construction on approximately 13.4 miles of levee in the Rio Grande Valley that were partially excavated or at various levels of construction when work on the wall was paused for review.

Still, the Corps of Engineers’ statement said there would be no work on the border wall itself. Geiger continued:

“Wall construction remains paused to extent permitted by law. This remediation work will not involve expanding border barrier.”

According to the DHS, the flood barrier system provides protection from possible catastrophic flooding in the low-lying areas of Texas’ Hidalgo County. The holes that were left in the system presented a threat to local communities, the department said.

In April, DHS said it “will start work to quickly repair the flood barrier system to protect border communities.” But, “this work will not involve expanding the border barrier.”

Since Biden stopped construction of the border wall, the migration crisis has reached new levels at the southern border. Illegal crossings have increased exponentially, forcing holding facilities to be overcrowded at a time when people should be separating from each other, not be packed together.

In April alone, Customs and Border Protection reported there were 178,622 encounters with migrants. That’s the highest total for any one single month in more than 20 years.

What’s more, Mexican military members were recently spotted across the border in Del Rio, Texas. They were there patrolling the American shoreline of the Rio Grande, hoping to detain migrants who were planning to cross the river into America.