Joe Biden Teams Up With SnapChat In Disturbing Move

( )- President Joe Biden’s White House just announced that they would work with social media giant Snapchat to encourage young Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The new plan will involve a new government-sponsored “reality lens” on the platform that allows uses to virtually “ask” one of a number of pre-set questions about the vaccine.

Users then receive an answer from a number of public health officials and experts, with one of those questions being, “Why should I get vaccinated?”

Other questions include “Will this vaccine actually protect me against variants?” and “Where do I get vaccinated?”

When a user clicks a question, they are directed to a virtual “call” with President Joe Biden. But it’s obviously not a call, but a video made to appear as though the president is peering at you through your phone screen. Biden then appears to answer the question, saying, “Hey folks, we have to get vaccinated.”

He warned that variants of the virus are now “affecting young people,” but didn’t elaborate on the claim. Since the beginning of the pandemic, public health officials and scientists marveled at how the virus didn’t appear to affect young people anywhere near as badly as older people or those in poor health.

Biden’s claim seemed disingenuous and misleading at best. The Infection Fatality Rate which was last updated on May 14 revealed that only 1.4% of those who have contracted the virus have died, and some 98.6% of people have enjoyed a complete recovery.

When you click the “Where do I go to get vaccinated?” question, you’re directed to an equally creepy video of Vice President Kamala Harris who explains that around 90% of Americans live only five miles away from their nearest vaccination site.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also took part in the program, and answers the question about variants.

If you want to be lectured by some of the worst people in American politics, then it’s time to download Snapchat…