Joe Biden Says “My Mind Is Going Blank Now”

( )- President Joe Biden is not exactly known for his mental capacity. As vice president under the Obama administration he would repeatedly get tied up in knots in press conferences and interviews, and now that he is the oldest president in American history, it hasn’t gotten any better.

The president repeatedly tells reporters that he will get in trouble with staff if he goes off script and answers questions, and often appears to look lost during official press briefings. But the president hasn’t actually admitted that his mind is going or that he struggles with mental or cognitive issues.

Until now, anyway.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson published a clip that very quickly went viral on Twitter, showing how President Biden looked lost during a recent press briefing, trying to remember his own daughter’s wedding and even admitting that his mind had gone.

In the clip below, you’ll see him getting stuck on what words to use, forgetting his daughter’s wedding, and admitting, “my mind is going blank now.”

“What is the song that is played, with everybody around the chairs, up?” he said, attempting to pander to Jewish voters.


It’s so bad it’s almost like it came from a Family Guy or a South Park sketch.

“I can’t remember…anyways I’m taking too much of your time,” he continued.

Too right he is.

That’s not the only weird thing he’s done lately, too.

This week, the president appeared to forget where he was and wander off while his wife was giving a speech.

See? He just decides to leave while his wife isn’t talking and doesn’t explain where he’s going.

There’s got to be something wrong with this guy, right?