Joe Biden Reveals What He Would Tell Kim Jong Un

( )-  On Sunday, President Biden, who is now in the midst of an extended tour around Asia, sent a short message to the Head of State of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

During a trip to Seoul, the President was asked if he had a message for Kim while he was in the region. In response, the President said, “Hello. Period.”

This statement was made just one day after President Biden stated that he would consider meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un if he was “sincere” and “serious” about discussing Pyongyang’s nuclear program. The nuclear arsenal of North Korea has been the focal point of the escalating tensions between that country and the United States.

It is not typical for the president of the United States to meet with the leader of North Korea, but former President Donald Trump made the news when he was in office because he did so three times. At one of the meetings, Trump physically entered North Korea.

The nuclear program of North Korea was the subject of unsuccessful discussions between the United States and North Korea during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The administration of President Joe Biden is now making preparations for the possibility that North Korea will conduct a nuclear test or test launch of a ballistic missile while he is traveling in Asia. Last week, the national security advisor for the White House, Jake Sullivan, stated that an incident of this kind is a “real possibility” during Biden’s travel.

This year, North Korea has performed a series of tests involving ballistic missiles, although the country has not carried out a nuclear test since 2017.

On Thursday, Vice President Biden left the United States to go on his first journey to Asia since taking office in the Obama administration.

On the final day of his visit to South Korea, which lasted for three days, he went to the Osan Air Base, where members of the armed forces from both the United States and South Korea monitor the nuclear threat posed by the North.

In the command center of the military installation, Vice President Biden told the personnel that “you are the front line, right here in this room.”

The president will soon arrive in Japan for a state visit.