Joe Biden Orders Fee Dropped For Afghan Refugees

( )- President Joe Biden is doing everything he can to make life easier for refugees – or, more specifically, people posing as refugees.

The Department of Homeland Security just revealed in a statement that it plans to waive all immigration fees for as many as 70,000 refugees from Afghanistan. It opens the doors to the possibility of these fees being waived for even larger numbers of people hoping to get into the United States, and also means that people who are falsely claiming to have helped the Americans during the Afghanistan war will no longer be required to pay fees to legally move to the United States.

The resettlement of these 70,000+ Afghan “refugees” – many of whom claim to be interpreters – comes after President Joe Biden bungled the withdrawal of American troops from the country. Biden ordered troops to leave the country before ensuring that all Americans who wanted to leave had been evacuated, and without reclaiming the tens of billions of dollars of military equipment that had been left behind.

So after gifting the Taliban American military equipment and even giving them their own air force, Biden now wants to make it cheaper for any militants pretending to be refugees to resettle in America.

Far-left Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said that giving these evacuees access to “streamlined processing and fee exemptions” will ultimately “open doors of opportunity” for these Afghan “allies” to rebuild their lives in communities across our country.

Cathryn Miller-Wilson, the executive director of HIAS Pennsylvania, has spent months advocating for the fees to be waived. She said that the asylum process could take years and that even after filing for asylum and receiving it, it can take six months before someone is legally able to work.

Which is true.

But doesn’t it make you wonder…what about all the other people going through the system legally? Why should they be put at the back of the line?