Joe Biden Leisurely Rides Bike by the Beach As Chaos Erupts Across The World

( )- Amid mounting crises, from the invasion of Ukraine to skyrocketing fuel costs, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that President Joe Biden still finds the time to go home to Delaware every weekend and enjoy leisurely bike rides with his wife and his Secret Service protectors.

On Sunday, Joe Biden was caught on camera enjoying a leisurely bike ride at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with his wife. It was the 36th trip that President Joe Biden has taken to Delaware since becoming president.

Former President Donald Trump barely ever went home to his apartment in New York City during his first four years in office…

The president waved to reporters as they stood and waited to capture him cycling past with his wife and Secret Service agents, who were also riding bikes.

While it’s important for the president to stay fit and healthy, there are obviously questions that need to be asked about the frequency of the president’s trips home to Delaware. Why can’t he spend a weekend in D.C.? And won’t there be more appropriate times in the future for the president to go home, perhaps when the world isn’t on the verge of the Third World War?

And at a time when the United States president should be showing strength, he appears on camera wearing a helmet and enjoying a bike ride.

You just can’t make this stuff up, can you?