Joe Biden Is Trying To Blame Fox News’ Tucker Carlson For Mass Shooting

( )- On Tuesday, Joe Biden traveled to Buffalo, New York, to meet with the families of the ten people killed in a grocery store shooting over the weekend. Biden blamed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the massacre. While answering reporters’ questions, Biden said that he and others who discuss “replacement theory” are to blame.

In his statement, President Biden strongly condemned the attack as “domestic terrorism.” According to critics, the Biden Administration only uses this label to describe white or right-leaning attackers. Recent racially motivated attacks by black nationalists in Waukesha and New York City received no such designation.

When reporters asked if Fox News host Tucker Carlson was to blame for the killings, Biden said that he believes that “anyone who echoes replacement theory is to blame – not for this particular crime – but it’s for no purpose, no purpose except profit and political benefit. And it’s wrong.”

On numerous occasions, leftist pundits and politicians have gleefully pointed to America’s declining white population as a positive, believing that this will help them win elections. When right-wing figures point out that the White population is declining, and Democrats applaud this, leftists will dismiss it as racist “great replacement conspiracy” talk that must be suppressed.

Because he is one of the few figures on cable news willing to discuss it, Tucker Carlson has become a frequent target of leftist rage over White people noticing this simple fact.

In the days after the murder, several liberal publications, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Atlantic, published articles accusing Carlson of inciting the killer. Despite describing himself in his manifesto as a “mild authoritarian left-wing,” the killer was dubbed a “mainstream Republican” by Rolling Stone.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) even wrote to Fox News, requesting that the network fire Carlson for spreading “racist and anti-semitic conspiracy theories.” Later, the long-serving Senator turned down an invitation to debate on Tucker Carlson Tonight.