Joe Biden Has Problem On Camera As He Tries To Name World Leader

( )- President Joe Biden is known at this point for forgetting names, getting confused, and generally looking a little lost when he gives speeches. That’s a problem for the leader of the free world, of course, but it never stops getting embarrassing no matter how used to it we are.

On Wednesday night when the president was joined by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss the new AUKUS military alliance, President Biden completely forgot the name of the Australian prime minister…and called him “pal” and “that fella.”

No, seriously. Look:

Not only did he forget Prime Minister Morrison’s name, but he chose to call the British Prime Minister “Boris.”

That’s insulting, given that the British PM was polite enough to refer to Biden as “Mr. President.”

It took some time for the president to finally remember the Australian PM’s name, eventually referring to him as ‘Prime Minister Morrison,” but it was only during his pre-written speech. Without that speech, who knows whether he would have remembered at all?

It’s bad, but then again, if the Australians didn’t change their government so often perhaps he would have had less trouble!