Joe Biden Has Another Teleprompter Fail

( )- During the service at the Capitol for former Senator Bob Dole, Joe Biden went up against the teleprompter and lost … again.

As Joe was wrapping up reading a quote from Dole, he accidentally read the instructions his staffers put in his speech:

Joe’s mashed potato brain is so far gone, the man can’t even read words on a screen without getting lost and confused. It happens all the time. Sometimes more than once on the same day:

There’s a reason the 48 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is not mentally fit to serve as President of the United States.

Last week we learned that White House officials were holding “briefings” with media outlets urging them to start reporting more favorably on Joe Biden, especially regarding the economy, in hopes of boosting his polling numbers. As part of that effort to provide glowing press coverage, CBS Sunday Morning interviewed Joe’s biggest enabler, First Lady Jill Biden.

During the interview, CBS News correspondent Rita Braver brought up the polling that shows Americans have concerns over old Joe’s mental fitness, and Jill scoffed at the notion, laughing it off as “ridiculous.”

Really, Jill? It’s “ridiculous” that Americans see that shuffling old man who gets lost on the way to a point and they can’t help but wonder if maybe Grandpa Joe is a wee bit old to do the job?

This is the man who fell on the steps to Air Force One, not once but three times.

He’s the guy who got lost trying to find his way into the White House, ignored the Secret Service agent trying to guide him, and ended up wandering into the bushes.

Ridiculous? The only thing “ridiculous” here is Jill Biden.