Joe Biden Gets Booed During His Speech

( )- President Joe Biden criticized several Republican senators by name during a speech honoring the adoption of Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, and the White House visitors booed.

During what the White House advertised as “An Event Celebrating the Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act,” which passed without the support of a single Republican, the president made remarks on the South Lawn on Tuesday.

Biden complimented Republicans for aiding him in achieving some bipartisan accomplishments.

But Senators. Rick Scott and Ron Johnson, who proposed measures requiring periodic reauthorization of Medicare and Social Security, received loud boos from the audience.

Biden said to the crowd to go online and look at the proposal by Rick Scott of Florida suggested, the man in charge of electing Republicans to the Senate.

He said it would be “difficult for you to believe” that they suggested a proposal that would mandate that Congress vote to reauthorize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid every five years.

Biden said he wanted everyone to know that Social Security is something you paid for. “From the time you were a child until now, you paid for it with every salary.”

He said that congress has to vote to modify, alter, diminish, or cancel Social Security every five years.

“Not only Social Security, either. Senator Scott desires that every item in the federal budget be good for only a period of five years.” “Nothing long-lasting. Nothing. That goes for Pell Grants, veterans’ benefits, and all other financial aid.”

“Check it out. It’s difficult to accept. If I didn’t see it myself, I could think I’m exaggerating.”

Biden says, “and then comes long Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin,” and the audience boos.

“God love him,’ as my mother used to say,” Biden quips.

He believes that waiting five years is excessive. He wants to put Social Security and Medicare up for vote each and every year.

“Let me remind you all again: You paid for Social Security. You paid for Medicare. It’s taken out of every single one of your paychecks.
These guys never give up.
Well, guess what? We’re not going to give up either.”

Biden is aghast that politician review expenditures every year. Isn’t that their job?