Jim Jordan Sends Powerful Warning To Mayorkas

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has spoken out against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, saying that his “contempt” for Congress is on full display in his refusal to answer even the most basic inquiries. Because Republicans had warned Mayorkas about the questions they planned to ask and begged him to come prepared with answers, their silence was all the more frustrating.

The Republicans are considering a variety of responses to Mayorkas’ refusal to answer their questions, including cutting his budget, finding him in contempt of Congress, and maybe even impeaching him.

Republicans’ displeasure with the secretary was not helped by Mr. Mayorkas’ statement at the hearing on July 26th. Rep. Victoria Spartz (D-IN) attacked him for not responding to any questions from Republicans and for not contributing anything of value.

The Republicans have been demanding answers on the department’s response to the unprecedented number of people whose IDs have been checked against the terrorism blacklist after being apprehended trying to enter the southern border illegally.

Last month, Mr. Mayorkas said that the immigrants are “detained” and a “priority” for deportation, although he has not produced statistics demonstrating actual consequences. An assistant secretary assured the committee of a timeframe for delivering the data in June, but even that has yet to be provided.

Mr. Mayorkas evaded senators’ questions on the number of illegal aliens captured and deported under the Biden administration by stating, “The data that you wish to have, we will provide to you as promptly as possible.” Nonetheless, the Republicans said the secretary had failed to fulfill this promise.

After the session last month, Mr. Jordan attempted to corner Mayorkas. He had been taking notes on the questions the secretary had been unable to address but had promised to. The topics covered were misinformation panels at his department’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency and the status of terrorist suspects at the border.

Frustratingly, he is unwilling or unable to answer questions, leading one to conclude he is either unqualified or unworthy of his cabinet position.