Jill Biden Finally Admits No Free College Is Coming In New Bill

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Jill Biden, the wife of President Joe Biden, seems to get herself involved in politics quite a lot for somebody who wasn’t elected to any political office. During a community college summit that took place on Monday, the First Lady said that the Biden administration won’t be delivering free community college any time soon.

“Congress hasn’t passed the Build Back Better legislation yet, and free community college is no longer part of that package,” she said.

Biden said that she knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and that she was just as disappointed as her audience was.

“These aren’t just bills or budgets to me, to you, right? We know what they mean for real people, for our students…and it was a real lesson in human nature that some people just don’t get that,” she said.

What Biden didn’t acknowledge, however, is that legislators who oppose free college aren’t just not “getting” it. In fact, those legislators know that spending huge sums of government money doesn’t always help everybody. As we’ve seen in just the first year of the Biden administration, excessive government spending and poor management of the economy results in higher prices for working families.

And what about those millions of Americans who paid their own way in college and paid off their debt without government help?

Biden made the comments at the 2022 Community College National Legislative Summit. Under the first Build Back Better bill, some $45.5 billion was set aside to waive tuition costs for students for two years. The legislation would do this for students over a period of five years, and after two years of free college, the cost of tuition would be dropped by 5% every year after.

Where does the Biden family think all of this money comes from?