Jesse Watters Says The Pelosis Have Successfully Buried Their DUI Problem

( )- During his opening monologue on Friday evening, Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested that the DUI case against Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul has been “buried from the public.”

Watters noted that Paul Pelosi’s mug shot hasn’t been released and every attempt by his team to retrieve it is being “stonewalled” by officials.

The Fox host said his team has called around the offices in Napa County and has only gotten the runaround from all of them.

Watters said his team had also contacted the “pricey PR agency” Paul Pelosi hired. And while the agency got back to Watters’ team, they said they weren’t even sure there was a mug shot of Paul Pelosi.

Watters noted that Pelosi’s next court appearance is on August 3 and so far the DA hasn’t decided if Pelosi will be charged.

All of this led Watters to suspect that there is a coordinated effort to “sweep Pelosi’s arrest under the rug” and the District Attorney will “give him a pass thanks to his liberal privilege.”

Watters said he didn’t think that should be allowed, so he and his team have filed a Freedom of Information request to have the police bodycam footage and Pelosi’s mugshot released to the public.

Watch Jesse Watters’ opening monologue HERE.

TMZ, which initially broke the news of Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest, published his mug shot on Monday.

According to TMZ Napa County has denied the rumors that it is getting pressure from Democrat leaders in the state to drop the charges against the Speaker’s husband.