Jen Psaki Leaving White House For A Few Days Amid Afghanistan Disaster

( )- If you own a television, you’ve probably seen the disturbing footage of desperate Afghan citizens falling from airplanes as they take off, desperate to flee the country after President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of American troops resulted in the Taliban taking over the entire country within a matter of weeks.

It’s the worst foreign policy disaster in decades, and while the president should be answering to the press and to the people, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saw it fit to take a week off from work.

When Psaki was contacted by journalists on the morning of August 15 requesting comment on the Afghanistan disaster, they received an automated response describing how Psaki will be out of the office between August 15 and August 22.

A whole week off while the United States is being criticized all over the world for leaving millions of dollars of military equipment behind in Afghanistan. Biden’s mismanagement of the withdrawal means that the Taliban now has its very own air force.

Where is Jen Psaki?

And where, exactly, is Joe Biden?

It’s unknown where Psaki is vacationing, and many people have suggested that the timing is just too convenient to be an accident.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce had questions for the VP, POTUS, and Psaki.

She also asked where GOP leaders were, and why the Bush family isn’t speaking out about the disaster they created.

The only person who seems to have been vocal on the damage being done by the botched withdrawal is former President Donald Trump.

What does that tell you?