Jen Psaki Finally Gets Asked The Question We All Want To Know

( )- After West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin drove a stake in the heart of Joe Biden’s ridiculous “Build Back Better” plan on Sunday, reporters at Monday’s White House press briefing peppered press secretary Jen Psaki with questions about Manchin’s move.

ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega, in an effort to make Manchin look like the bad guy, asked Psaki if President Biden feels betrayed by the Democrat Senator. Psaki referred back to the statement she released on Sunday accusing Joe Manchin of negotiating in “bad faith.”

Vega followed up by asking if there had been any subsequent communications between the White House and Senator Manchin since he announced he wouldn’t vote for the bill. But Psaki refused to say.

CNN reporter Phil Mattingly brought up Manchin’s radio interview from that morning when he said members of the White House staff were putting out things that were “absolutely inexcusable.” Mattingly asked Psaki if she knew what Manchin was talking about when he said that. But Psaki side-stepped the question, saying Mattingly should ask Manchin what he meant.

Then there was USA Today’s Joey Garrison who wanted to know if President Biden would consider bypassing Congress and implement his garbage “Build Back Better” through executive action. Psaki, however, said they hadn’t discussed that.

That’s probably not true. Since Biden governs exclusively by executive order, it is highly likely the White House is already finding ways to implement this bill unilaterally.

There was one reporter who asked a very valid question. Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Psaki if this situation shows that the Democrats don’t have a large enough majority to undertake such “transformational legislation.” She pointed out that Joe Biden ran as a moderate, and Manchin’s suggested changes are moderate, so why won’t the White House pivot to come up with a bipartisan bill?

Rather than address the razor-thin majorities, Psaki shifted focus by saying they want Republicans to support this garbage bill. But from her answer, it is clear, they don’t want to change a word of it.

Heinrich followed up by noting Manchin’s comments on how Democrats have been trying to bully him into supporting the bill. She asked Psaki if there was any regret over how these negotiations were handled. Then the woman who accused Manchin of not negotiating in good faith said that bullying Manchin was never their objective.